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Our trading team has established relationships with the investment community that goes back decades. With 80 active counterparts for fixed-income securities operation and longstanding relationships with senior corporate executives and strategic investors in the region, our team is always at the forefront of investment opportunities. 

With a high annual intermediation volume, lwCasadeValores has always been an important participant in the investment flows to and from Latin America.

Access to the Finest Alternative Solutions

lwCasadeValores can also give clients access to the finest alternative investment solutions that are designed to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns. Adding alternative investments to a portfolio may provide broader diversification, reduce risk, and enhance returns. The company also holds customize distribution agreements with investment products that offer unique investment opportunities to cater to the varying risk appetites of investors. Independently owned and operated, lwCasadeValores is in a position to make objective decisions in order to choose the best solution that fit the client needs.