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Investment Management
Private Banking

Private Banking

Choose how you invest with us

lwCasadeValores is capable of providing personalized attention to every client in order to protect and expand their wealth. We offer a wide range of services and products to achieve their specified investment needs.

Also, we provide independent financial advisors to hold and safeguard clients’ assets and run independently. At lwCasadeValores independent financial advisors can choose from a wide range of investment options in order to tailor their decisions based on what’s best for their client.

Get expert advice to provide you with financial success or take control of your financial decisions.

Investment Accounts Solutions

Panamanian Jurisdiction

  • Operates as a global-custody providing wealth protection and client confidentiality. 

  • Safely trading 3 million products on more than 60 stock exchanges including cryptocurrencies.

  • Multi-currency accounts, transfer funds securely, and have access to the best technological solutions.

US Jurisdiction

  • Access to the leading global provider of financial solutions  serving for more than 80 years. 

  • Safekeeping over $2 trillion in global clients assets, and with a net capital over $2 billion - well above the requirement.

  • Segregated type of account with protection coverage by the SIPC, and excess coverage by other commercial insurers.

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